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$250 Million-Dollar Indian Solar Market

The impending solar power revolution in India would not be limited to large-scale projects but would also include off-grid solutions like community-level power plants and solar lanterns. The household solar power systems market is expected to increase by 60% annually, to reach an estimated market size of $250 million in 2018. The number of households […]

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Two Industries Fighting for Your Bill

Demand for solar energy has increased in recent years as the cost of installing the systems has fallen and homeowners and businesses have tried to save money on energy bills. That in turn has prompted utilities to push back against solar’s rapid encroachment on the retail market—and they’re doing so in Washington and in state […]

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Verizon invests $40 million in solar

Solar power is so affordable and environmentally friendly, that even the country’s largest companies are turning to it to power their buildings. Verizon, a major telecommunications corporation in the U.S., has recently announced that it will be adding another $40 million to its green energy program launched last year. This new investment will allow the company […]

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